Andrea Burnett O’Neill, Esq.

ANDREA BURNETT O’NEILL is a managing partner of the firm.  Andrea’s practice is focused on estate and trust litigation and administration.   She has expertise in complex estate and trust administration where litigation is anticipated or ongoing.  Andrea represents both fiduciaries and beneficiaries in every type of estate and trust controversy,

Mark E. House, Esq.

MARK E. HOUSE specializes in litigation involving estates, trusts, and financial exploitation. In particular, Mark is considered one of the top litigation attorneys in Arizona with regard to capacity and undue influence issues. He also has significant experience in litigation regarding breaches of fiduciary duty. Mark’s practice also involves estate planning.

John R. Becker, Esq.

JOHN R. BECKER is a partner in the firm. John’s practice is a general practice within the estate planning and estate administration area. This includes estate planning for clients of moderate means, to sophisticated estate planning for high net worth clients. His practice includes all aspects of estate planning and trust administration,