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About Becker & House

About Becker & House

At Becker & House, PLLC we pride ourselves on the manner in which we cater to our clients. We want you to feel secure and comfortable in the fact that we will do an excellent job of providing services that are tailored to your specific needs and goals.

Our law firm strives to efficiently and effectively service our clients with unique, dedicated, personal and skilled legal representation. As our firm and client base continues to grow, we promise to maintain the standard of excellence our clients deserve.

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Apr 2019

Estate Planning Beyond the Grave…..and Back

By: Mark E. House, Esq. January 2018                         Let me start by answering the questions that I get asked most often when I start talking about cryonics – yes, Ted…

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Apr 2019

Additional Information About the Multi-Investor Future Income Trust Model (MIFIT)

By: Mark E. House As part of the launch of the MIFIT, I thought it might be useful to provide answers to many of the questions I receive on a…

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The Multi-Investor Future Income Trust Model

By: Mark E. House One of the recurring themes when talking to Alcor’s members is how to save for revival after being cryopreserved. For many, the administrative costs of having…

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Oct 2018

A Guide for Practitioners: Standards for Capacity in Arizona

By: Mark E. House and Allison E. Evans* I.   Capacity in Arizona “Capacity” in the legal sense means the legal ability to do something.  An individual may be legally incapable…

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Dec 2017

Proposed Tax Bills Affect Your Deductions

For many of you, the year 2017 will be the last year you will get income tax savings from making charitable gifts. This newsletter describes a few tax-saving steps that…

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Oct 2011

Using Retirement Benefits in Your Estate Plan

By Allison E. Evans, Esq. Most individuals today understand the critical importance of saving for retirement. We were lectured about it by our parents, we stress it to our children,…

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Jan 2011

Estate Tax Changes

Estate Tax Changes in 2011 and Beyond The tax bill passed recently by Congress and signed into law by President Obama on 17 December 2010 addresses important tax issues for…

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Oct 2010

Preventing Financial Exploitation

In the current economic climate, there seem to be more and more predators on the elderly. Unfortunately, many of those predators are those we tend to trust the most –…

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Sep 2010

Financial Exploitation of the Elderly

As a population ages, protecting the elderly generation from financial predators becomes of paramount concern. The experience, at least in the author’s jurisdiction, is that financial exploitation is a significant…

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Aug 2010

Living Trust Mills

Living Trust Mills Can Be Financial Traps I recently received a series of postcards inviting me to an “Elder Law Update”, strongly suggesting that I need to have a Living…

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Jul 2010

Estate Planning for Your Pet

By John R. Becker, Esq. Becker & House, PLLC Certified Estate and Trust Law Specialist Several years ago Elizabeth lost her husband to cancer.  With her children grown and living…

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