Cryopreservation Planning

If you have any plans to be cryopreserved, Mark E. House is one of the top attorneys in the country who focuses on the complex issues relating estate planning and cryopreservation.  He works directly with cryonics organizations to help clients through the application process.

The idea behind putting money away while you are cryopreserved is simple – who wants to be revived without money?  Mark  has worked with Alcor Life Extension Foundation to secure approval of documents by Alcor for its members and patients.  To that end, he offers a variety of services:

  1. Custom Future Income Trusts. For clients who are intending to put more than $500,000 into a trust for revival, Mark created the Future Income Trust.  The Future Income Trust is modeled after the Alcor Asset Preservation trust and contains all of the language Alcor requires for approval. Other benefits can include:
    • Flexibility of the Future Income Trust which  can be customized in any way the client would like as long as it falls within Alcor’s requirements and the requirements of the corporate trustee. For example, the Future Income Trust can have a broad investment strategy suited for the extended time horizon a cryopreservation trust requires.
    • Trust protectors are put in place to ensure that your wishes are carried out until revival.
    • Funds can be distributed to ensure your cryopreservation continues even if something adverse happens.
    • The Future Income Trust can be created for multiple family members.
    • This trust can be used for non-Alcor members.
    • Mark will work with your local estate planning counsel if you are not an Arizona resident, which makes finding an attorney much easier.
  1. The Multi-Investor Future Income Trust (“MIFIT”). A number of years ago, Mark was asked to create an economical solution that would allow members who wanted to save less than $500,000.  The solution is the MIFIT.   See the links below for additional information regarding the MIFIT. 
  1. Ancillary Documents. In addition to the trusts to save for your revival, Mark also provides assistance with the other documents Alcor requires, including the Funding Trust.

If you have additional questions or are interested in cryopreservation planning, contact Mark E. House.

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